Sports Mouth Guards in San Diego, CA

Safeguarding your teeth is our priority. Whether you’re an athlete or prone to grinding your teeth at night.

We specialize in creating custom mouthguards in Mission Valley to suit all your needs. For many, they are an ideal way to preserve teeth, reduce jaw pain, and improve the quality of your life. If you’re interested in getting a sports mouthguard or nightguard, contact our office and set up your first consultation.


In many sports, especially high impact ones such as football and boxing, mouthguards are a vital part of preserving your teeth for life.

Sports mouthguards can help prevent damage to the teeth, supporting bone structure, and soft tissue in your mouth due to impact and injury. The better the fit and materials used to make your sports mouthguard, the better the protection. Our sturdy yet slim, custom fit sports mouthguards in Mission Valley stay on more securely than standard models, allowing for increased protection and easier breathing so you can play to your full potential.


Nightguards, also known as occlusal guards, are designed to protect your teeth and joints (in particular, the TMJ or temporomandibular joint), particularly in patients who have a grinding or clenching habit.

We take detailed impressions of your teeth, then send them off to get your custom nightguard made. Once in, we’ll fit you with your new nightguard, adjusting it until all your teeth fit perfectly in a natural, comfortable bite. Nightguards help protect your teeth and supporting dental structures from the damaging forces of clenching and grinding. They help to position your jaw in a more relaxed position, helping to alleviate the stress and pain that can come from clenching and grinding, while preserving your teeth from damage.

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