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Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

woman sleepingDo you grind or clench your teeth during the night? This condition, commonly known as bruxism, can lead to various dental issues, including worn enamel, jaw pain, and headaches. Fortunately, our highly skilled San Diego, CA dentist, Dr. Vaheed Bayette, offers Night Guards as a simple and effective solution to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism.

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What Is a Night Guard?

A night guard is a dental appliance designed to be worn while sleeping. It acts as a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing direct contact and minimizing the impact of grinding or clenching. Nightguards are typically made from durable materials such as acrylic and are custom-fitted to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Benefits of Using Night Guards

woman putting a night guard in her mouthProtects Tooth Enamel: Night guards provide a cushioning effect, preventing the surfaces of your teeth from grinding against each other. This helps preserve the enamel and reduces the risk of tooth damage.

Alleviates Jaw Pain and Headaches: Bruxism often leads to sore jaw muscles and headaches. Night guards help distribute the forces exerted during grinding, reducing strain on the jaw and minimizing associated pain.

Prevents Tooth Sensitivity: By preventing excessive wear on the enamel, night guards contribute to a decrease in tooth sensitivity, which is a common issue for individuals who grind their teeth.

How the Procedure Works

Dental Examination

The process begins with a thorough dental examination to assess the extent of tooth wear and evaluate any existing dental issues.

Custom Impression

A custom impression of your teeth is taken to ensure a precise fit for the night guard. This is typically done using dental putty or advanced digital scanning technology.

Night Guard Fabrication

The impression is used to create a custom night guard, which is crafted from durable materials. The dentist ensures that the night guard fits comfortably and securely.

Fitting and Adjustments

Once the night guard is ready, it is fitted to your teeth. The dentist may make adjustments to ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Embrace Restful Nights and Healthy Smiles with Night guards

Night guards are a valuable tool in protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of bruxism. Whether you’re experiencing tooth wear, jaw pain, or headaches, a custom-fitted night guard can offer relief and preserve your dental health. Schedule a consultation with your San Diego, CA dentist to explore whether a night guard is the right solution for your specific needs and start enjoying a healthier, more comfortable sleep.

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