Root Canal Therapy in San Diego, CA

When cavities or damage is left untreated, it can reach deep into the root, causing permanent damage. Root canal therapy to save your tooth is required when damage to the nerve is beyond the body’s ability to repair itself. When this happens, the pulp needs to be removed, cleaned, and the tooth fortified. This is known as root canal therapy.


Once you’re numb and ready to go, your tooth will be isolated with a rubber dam to keep the area clean and dry.

Your tooth will then be drilled to create access to the inner parts of the tooth. The damaged pulp and decay will be removed and cleaned. In the cases where a second appointment is needed, our dentists may fill your tooth with medicine to kill any infection and fit you with a temporary filling. Once the root is thoroughly cleaned, shaped, and in top shape, your tooth will be filled with fortifying material, then permanently sealed with a filling for lasting restoration.


Root canal procedures typically require one or more appointments. Local anesthetic will be used to ensure you experience no pain during your procedure.

Since you’ll be numbed for the procedure, you shouldn’t feel any pain while receiving root canal therapy. You may experience some pain after, which can be mitigated with icing and over-the-counter pain medicine. We’ll discuss your after care plan in detail with you. Our team of skilled dental professionals will guide you through the process, ease your fears, and skillfully repair your damaged tooth with root canal therapy Mission Valley.


Mission Valley root canal therapy is available for you, and if you think you may need it, contact our office today for a consultation. We’ll help you find the best care plan to preserve and restore your tooth.

  • Severe toothache or pain
  • Lasting sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Change in tooth color, such as darkening
  • Swelling or tenderness in the adjacent gums

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