Dental Veneers in San Diego, CA

Whether from damage or genetic imperfections, having a smile we’re not happy with can take a toll on our confidence.

Porcelain veneers in Mission Valley at Vaheed Bayette DDS are the non-invasive, proven way to transform your smile. Implemented by trained professionals with a passion for helping their patients and calming their fears, we are the premier office for porcelain veneers in Mission Valley.


Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made, shell-like covers bonded to your teeth to restore your smile.

Made of durable porcelain, they have the unique quality of truly mimicking the appearance of real teeth. Whether you need a single veneer or a set, our expert dentist will work with you each step of the way to plan out your perfect smile. We believe in fostering open communication, so our patients can take a proactive, confident role in their dental care.


  • Mask discolored teeth
  • Renew worn or damaged teeth
  • Fix misshapen, uneven, or misaligned teeth
  • Fill unwanted gaps
  • Restore confidence

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