Preventive Dentistry

Exam & X-Rays

The diagnosis appointment is the most important phase for any dental treatment and at Dr. Bayette’s practice, we make sure to do a very thorough evaluation. Our new patient exams include, a review of the patients general health, full mouth X-rays, a complete periodontal and dental evaluation, and oral cancer screening. We also take digital photos of our patient’s teeth that will be displayed and discussed by Dr. Bayette during the exam.

Continuing Care

Continuing care visits are usually every 3-6 months and include a dental cleaning and check up. These visits are extremely important for maintaining oral health and will dramatically reduce the risk of developing dental problems like periodontal disease, gingivitis, tooth loss and tooth decay. Coming in for regular visits also helps prevent any undiagnosed or new pathology from progressing.


Application of fluoride or fluoride rinses can be an excellent and conservative treatment for preventing tooth decay and also helping with tooth sensitivity. Fluoride optimizes the mineralization of enamel and therefore helps strengthen the outer shell of the tooth.


Sealants are an excellent preventive treatment option for preventing tooth decay. Often time the grooves on teeth can be very deep and narrow, too narrow to reach with a tooth brush. When sealants are done these grooves are cleaned and then sealed with a composite material to prevent food and bacteria from accumulating and therefore preventing tooth decay.

Sports Mouth Guards

Athletes everywhere are realizing the importance of sports mouth guards especially in high impact sports. Sports mouth guards can help prevent damage to the teeth, the supporting bone and soft tissues. It is important to realize that the better the fit and materials used the better the protection. The custom fit mouth guards also help facilitate better breathing during physical activities because they are less bulky and stay on the teeth more securely.

Night Guards

Night Guards or Occlusal Guards are used to help protect the dentition and also the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) especially in patients who have a grinding or clinching habit. The night guard is custom fabricated by the dental lab after impressions are taken. The guard is then placed in the mouth and adjusted to fit the opposing teeth in order to achieve total balance with every tooth. When the night guard is worn it protects the teeth and supporting structures from damaging forces and also positions the jaw in a more relaxed position so it can also help with TMJ or jaw muscle pains.