Geriatric Dental Care
San Diego, California

We are proud to specialize in geriatric dentistry in San Diego, California! Our greatest mission is to provide reliable care for the elderly that uplifts and rejuvenates their smiles. If you would like to get started on treatment that recovers your natural smile, we welcome you to visit with our dentists, Dr. Vaheed Bayette or Dr. Nikko Johnson. Call us today at 619-298-9839 to schedule an appointment!

Geriatric Dentistry, Defined

Every year, people are statistically living longer and longer. As we age, our teeth and mouths change, requiring specific diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Our practice is devoted to providing customized treatment through the careful work of our advanced geriatric dentists and their many years of experience providing care to older patients.

What We Do

Older patients react differently to dental procedures, and we take a very delicate and measured approach to our dental procedures. We also know how to help patients who have increased sensitivity to medications used in dentistry. Our dentists and team are able to work closely with our patients and their caregivers to provide them the best possible care for their smiles. We also understand that different gum and root issues can arise throughout various years of age. We have the best possible procedures available to address these issues, whether we need to perform gum treatment, dental implants, dentures or other restorative procedures.

The Difference

Our dental team sets itself apart from other geriatric dentists in the area through the dedicated effort of our dentists. Dr. Vaheed Bayette completed one year of general practice residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital and, following that, a two-year geriatric fellowship at the VA. He is well trained in the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of issues concerning age-related diseases. Understanding the link between oral health and overall wellness, we work with our patients to prevent issues that could lead to other diseases in the body. Not only does this provide longer life but also a higher quality of life. We are aware that geriatric dentistry is an area that is under-explored and overlooked, which is why at our office, we want you to know that we care deeply about each of our patients and that we strive to be there for all their oral health needs.